About Us

Since 2014 Mr. Carlos Crespo Muller, a successful entrepreneur in the field of technology, through his company CC Technology Solutions, a Puerto Rican company founded in 2001 in the town of Mayaguez Puerto Rico which dedicates on developing solutions for IP technology such as: IPTV for Hotels and Hospitals, was looking for ways on how to contribute to the development of sport in Puerto Rico was where the task of creating a ticketing system that will distinguish of the other existing ticket companies on the island occurred . And then Ticket Plus PR was born, hereinafter TPPR, a company whose mission and vision converts on how to buy and sell tickets for events in an easier and more attractive way for the customer and producer respectively, positioning itself as an accessible alternative for each event held in the country. TPPR is a system created entirely by Puerto Rican hands, authorized by the Department of Finance of Puerto Rico to sell tickets for public and private events. TPPR is a dynamic and flexible company that offers each producer the following benefits: Custom Tickets, Schedule "Merchant" Banking, Sales through the Internet, live sales reports, sales reports, customer database, Placement advertisements in printed tickets at home and more.